Arizona's Oldest Continuously Active Coin Club

To promote numismatic education and stimulate knowledgeable collecting principles for new and experienced collectors via the
 three basic benefits derived from active membership in a local coin club: 

The mental stimulation of associating with people of like interests in an atmosphere of  camaraderie and club fellowship;

The opportunity to increase knowledge through a club's program of informed guest speakers, by conversation with advanced
collectors, and by use of the club's library and other knowledgeable resources;

The opportunity to upgrade and add to a collection by purchase, sale or trade of numismatic items with fellow club members.   

The Primary Goal of the Tucson Coin Club, Inc.

 To encourage and promote numismatics and to provide a pleasant venue for the sharing of numismatic knowledge and fellowship.  
The membership is made up of experienced and beginning collectors, published scholars, local dealers, many married couples and
 entire families.  The members collect all types of worldwide numismatic, currency and tokens items and collectively have great
knowledge  and expertise in many areas.  While some are novices just beginning, many are experts in their field of knowledge,
with several published authors.


 In May, 1956, George W. Smith, Henry Johnson, and Leonard Buckholter and 24 collectors attended that first meeting  at the 
old Carl Haden Hospital on West Congress Street.  Through the years, meetings have been  held at the University of Arizona
Library,  various banks, at the American Legion, VFW's, Fraternal Order of Police Hall, and currently at the Tucson Woman's Club, 6245 E. Bellevue St. (Speedway & Wilmot).

The membership now consists of approximately 250 Regular Members and 20 Life Members. 


The Tucson Coin Club, Inc. is a 501-C4 Arizona Corporation

Guided by the applicable Arizona Statutes, Club By-laws and Standing Rules. All members may have a copy if they request it.
The club is managed by an elected Board of Directors consisting of a President, Vice President, Secretary, Treasurer,
Sergeant at Arms, Member at Large, (each elected annually and serves a one year term). The Immediate Past President also sits
on the board. There are numerous temporary and standing committees, consisting of member volunteers, created to handle
ongoing and special projects. Volunteers are always welcome to join the committees.  It's a great way to meet fellow members
and serve the club. 


Elections are held annually at the first meeting in December. Members must be in good standing and must be present at the
meeting to cast their vote. Elected officials take office in January of the following year.  Applicants for membership names will be posted in the TCC Club newsletter for 30 days, for review by club members before any acceptance.


The club has an extensive library of numismatic, history, and currency books assembled over the past 60 years. All books
are available to all members.

Meetings are held on the 2nd and 4th Tuesday of each month at 6:00 pm.

First meeting of the month is primarily a business meeting to discuss topics that keep the club active and interesting. 
The second meeting each month is an education meeting including a 20 to 30 minute presentation on some subject of general
interest to the Members.   A member or Guest Speakers will typically speak on  a subject within his or her personal realm of expertise.
At all meetings, after general business has been completed, members are given the opportunity to “Show and Tell” items of interest
that they have brought in, and also to “Ask the Experts” regarding puzzling aspects of the hobby, or item specific questions. 
This is followed by the awarding of  door prizes and a fund raising raffle of nice numismatic items brought in by members,
and the raffle bar refreshments no longer available at this location.  The final event of each meeting is a  fun auction, offering up to 50
 different numismatic items that members bring to auction.

The Club holds a Banquet and a Celebrations each year.

A banquet in December, around Christmas, and an “Awards Celebration” in the spring to acknowledge the efforts of the many
members who give of their time to make the club work.

Each and Every Meeting and Event.

 Lasting between aproximately 2-3 hours, the meetings are not only informative, educational and friendly, but also delightfully informal
Tons of fun!
There is plenty of time before and during the meeting to break and visit with other members and guests  to buy and
sell individually.
Periodically the club will forgo an “Education” night and hold a “Bourse Night” wherein all members are encouraged
to bring in  numismatic and other items from their collections for sale or trade, or just to proudly show them off. 
 Another fun activity
that is periodically scheduled on the Education meeting nights is the “Numismatic Jeopardy” night.  Free food is also provided on Bourse nights. 

Tucson Coin Club
PO Box 17021
Tucson, AZ 85731